What is the BGA-Calculator, and how will it
help my business?


The BGA in BGA-Calculator stands for:

B – Breakeven,          G – Goal,          A – Activity

Breakeven – The goal of a business is to make money.  And the first part of the planning process is to know what MUST be achieved financially in the business to ensure you remain solvent and are able to pay the bills. Or, when planning business growth from one year to the next, Breakeven becomes your Status Quo, in other words, achieve the same results as the previous year including business Operating Profit.  Either way, this is your baseline.

Goal – Setting goals is critical to success. If you don’t know where you want to go, then how can you plan to get there?  Not having goals for your business (and yourself for that matter) is like being in a rudderless ship, going nowhere.

You will have the opportunity to set goals for Personal Income, Business Operating Profit, and business Turnover Drivers.  Setting goals for business Turnover Drivers is all about achieving more for less activity required.

Activity – This is all about knowing the number of Sales required each month, including the number of Leads, ‘Opportunities’, and Quotes from which to achieve the Sales required.

Knowing what Activity is required will make achieving your goals so much easier.

What Type of Business can use the Calculators?

We have 2 types of Calculator

Standard Business Calculator

These are named General and Retail, they are for businesses that sell a product or service but DO NOT have recurring income sales, which are clients paying a regular amount on a periodic basis, such as a payment every month, half-yearly, etc.

Recurring Income Calculator

These are named Recurring Income – General and Recurring Income – Retail. These calculators cater to both types of income, Recurring Income at specific intervals such as monthly, and One-Off Sales Income.

The difference between General and Retail.

General: This is a business that would typically acquire Leads, from which they would provide a quote for a product/service.

Retail: This is a business that typically does not provide a quote to obtain work, such as a builder, heat pump supplier, etc. This could be a retail store or an online business. These types of business operations obtain ‘Opportunities’ to make a sale. For example, people walking into a retail store presents an opportunity for a sale, the same applies to a person visiting a website.

Choose from two Types of Reports.

Basic Report 

This is ideal for a start-up that wishes to know what is required to Breakeven based on income and business profit goals.

Full Report 

A business that has more than a one-year trading history should use the full report. This Report provides a comprehensive analysis of what is required to maintain the status quo (Present break-even), and then allows you to set financial goals and turnover driver goals for the coming year.

Summary of Benefits below.

Basic Report – Breakeven or Next Year’s Goal Report

Provides you with your Breakeven Goal for the coming year.

Provides you with a goal which incorporates an increase in your income.

Provides you with a goal which incorporates an increase in your business Operating Profit.

Full Report – Total Business Development Report

Provides you with an extensive report.

Provides your with a Breakeven report based on your previous trading year.

Provides you with all the information required to achieve your desired financial goals for the coming year.

Provides you with goals to increase Turnover Drivers.

Provides you with an estimated financial gain when the goals have been achieved.