Associates are organizations which provide services to the business community.  These include Accountants, Business Coaches/Consultants, and Banking providers.

By accessing BGA-Calculators the Associate can provide a fully comprehensive service to their clients, and as a result, both the Associate and their client will benefit.

The Reports provided by the BGA-Calculator are customized to reflect the Associates’ business, this includes their Logo, Company Name, and their message at the end of the report.

The Associate will be provided with their own login and platform to provide store and manage reports for their clients, making the whole process easier.

When accessing a BGA-Calculator for a client, the Associate will also obtain a link that they can email to their Client to access the Calculator or the Associate can access the calculator on behalf of the client. If for some reason there is an interruption while using the Calculator, not a problem, you can come back when ready and just continue where you left off.


Pricing Benefits

The Associate will enjoy special pricing, and to encourage using the calculators with their clients we have devised a pricing structure, the more times a Calculator was accessed the usage cost is reduced. Click Here to see Associate pricing.

To become an Associate the joining fee is just $950.00 (plus Tax).  The initial package includes:

Customisation of the Reports.

Login access and Report Storage.

First 9 Reports are Free of charge.

Once you have joined, we will be in touch to help with the Customization process.

Each year the Associate will be required to renew their membership.

The benefits for being a Profit Accelerator Associate are considerable.