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How will the BGA-Calculator help my business?

The BGA-Calculator will help to accelerate your business to achieve your income and profit goals. It does this by providing you with the Turnover required to achieve your end-of-year financial goals, plus the monthly Activity (Leads/Opportunities, Quotes, and Sales) required to achieve monthly targets.


How will the BGA-Calculator help me to develop a Business Plan?

Developing a Business Plan for many business owners is a difficult and onerous task, hence the reason few SME business owners seldom produce a Business Plan. There are basically 2x types of ‘Business Plans’, one will be used to obtain finance from a lender such as a bank, and the other is a more practical plan which will be used to actually grow the business, as it is easier to follow.
The BGA-Calculator will provide you with the data required to establish financial and activity goals which will form a significant part of a Business Plan. It can provide your break-even (Present Situation) and establish your business goals which include personal and business income, it will provide budgeting for marketing and increasing business capacity if required and will set out monthly sales goals and the activity required to obtain those goals. In essence, the BGA-Calculator sets out your plan for the year ahead.


What is the difference between the Full Report and Basic Report versions?

Full Report – A business that has more than a one-year trading history should use the full report. This Report provides a comprehensive analysis of what is required to maintain the status quo (Present break-even), and then allows you to set financial goals and turnover driver goals for the coming year. The Report will also provide a comprehensive analysis taking into account achieving or not achieving turnover driver goals. By providing comparisons a person can see the positive impact of small changes to turnover driver goals can have on a business. Small Changes = Massive Results.

Basic Report – This is ideal for a start-up that wishes to know what is required to Breakeven based on income and business profit goals.


How does it work?

It is really simple, go to Calculators and choose the Calculator which represents your business, then choose the type of Report you would like (Short or Full Report), at this point, you will be directed to the shopping cart, after you have made the payment you will be redirected to the calculator, then follow the process. After you have answered the questions in the Question Section simply click on ‘Produce Report’.


Will I fully understand the Report?

Yes, the Report provides good explanations, however, if you require help please fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form and we will call you to clarify any questions you may have or contact your Advisor.


What information do I need when using the BGA-Calculator?

There are questions that you will be able to answer when using the program which does not require preparation, however, you will need the following information which may require some preparation.

1. Average Sales Value (ASV) – Each business has an ASV, which is the total sales value (Turnover) divided by the number of individual purchasers (sales). We suggest you work this out by selecting a reasonable period of time e.g. month to three months.
It is slightly different for Recurring Income. Here the ASV is worked out as follows;
Total Value of invoices/payments divided by Number of invoices/payments – For example $10,000 (Total Invoiced/payment Value) / (Divided by) 500 (number of invoices/payments = $200 ASV.

2. If you are a Franchise, the percentage paid on revenue or the amount of an annual Flat Rate.
Most franchises pay a franchise fee on turnover, this is usually a percentage. Some may pay an annual flat fee or a combination of both.

3. The total combined annual income for the business owners.
Business owners who derive an income from the business are listed separately as an annual income. If more than one owner, it will be the combined total.

4. Monthly Business Expenses
Monthly business expenses to run your business, exclude any franchise fees, owners income, and expenses which relate to the ‘cost of sale’.
An easy way to work out your average monthly expenses is to refer to your Profit & Loss statement, Calculate the total expenses over several months, and divide the total by the number of months selected. Note: Do not include owner income and franchise fees.

5. Last year’s Operating Profit (if any).
If your business has achieved an Operating Profit in the previous year, we will ask you to state the amount achieved, otherwise, you will enter ‘0’.


How much does it cost?

The cost (I prefer the term ‘Investment’) depends on the Report you choose, the Basic Report requires an investment of $150.00 and the Full Report $225.00 (Plus tax if required)


How accurate is it?

Based on the answers you have provided, the Report is very, very accurate. The only slight differential could be the Franchise Fees payable, which may have a variable of well under 1%.


How long does it take?

Not long provided you have the answers to the various questions (see – What information do I need when using the BGA-Calculator?), for the Basic Report it may take you 3-5 minutes, and for the Full Report 9-15 minutes).


Doesn’t my Accountant/Advisor have this under control?

That depends on a number of factors, I suggest you ask them, if not let us know and we will endeavour to help.