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Welcome to the Breakeven, Goal & Activity Calculator. The Calculators task is to provide you the Turnover and Activity required to achieve your Breakeven Goal, or Next Year’s Goal for the next 12 months.

Breakeven Goal (Status Quo) – New start-ups and businesses who may be struggling want to know what they must achieve (Turnover) in order to pay the bills and keep the business running.

An existing business may wish to maintain the status quo as compared to the companies previous years’ experience, in this scenario you would include your last year’s personal income and Operating Profit.

Next Year’s Goal – This works similar to establishing your Breakeven, with the exception in that you will set a goal for YOUR personal Income, and Operating Profit. You may also increase your Operating Expenses to budget for items such as additional marketing etc.

The Report will provide annual and monthly Turnover targets and the ‘Activity’ (number of Sales and ‘Opportunities’) required to achieve your Turnover Goal.

Note:   When we use the term ‘Opportunities’, it relates to opportunities where a sale can be made, such as a person who walks into a store, or go onto a website, and become a potential sale.


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Once you know what is required to meet your financial goals for the next 12 months, the next step is to develop a plan to achieve the desire goals.

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